Why Can't I Hear People on VOIP Phone?

Episode 1689

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey has a basic phone connected to his Obihai and he's having issues hearing people on the other end. Leo says to try swapping out the phone to see if it eliminates the issue. If it persists, it could be the device itself. Another issue could be his upstream. If upload speed is really slow, there could be some severe latency that's dropping the packets in real-time. Also, put the Obihai to the internet connection first, and then add the router. That's how it should be installed.

Can I use Google Voice with my old phones?

Old phone

Episode 1557

Paul from San Diego, CA

Paul is getting ready to cut the cable on his telephone service and he's moved his number to Google Voice. But how can he get his phones to work with Google voice? Leo says that phone numbers are portable, and as such, his home phone number can be ported to Google Voice. And then he can have his mobile phone ring when his number gets called. Up to 5 different phones can do that.

Can I use ObiHai with Google Fi?

Episode 1229

Paul from Auburn, CA

Paul got his invitation to Google Fi and wants to know if he'll lose his ability to use ObiHai and VOiP. Leo says yes, probably. Leo uses Google Fi, and it can be used on all the new phones. At the bottom of, there is a link at the bottom to Google Voice and he'll have to link his Google Voice number to it. Leo likes it because it's extremely affordable at $20 a month for voice and text, and $10 per gig of data. You only pay for the amount of data you uses.

Why can't my Obihai VOiP box use Google chat anymore?

Episode 1082

Joe from Tampa, FL

Joe got a VOiP box from Obihai which lets him have phone service. But now it won't let him use third party apps like Google Chat. Leo says that was always a hack that Obihai used in order to use Google Chat. Google has taken the XMPP servers down, which means Obihai can't use it. And as such, they've created alternatives. But they won't necessarily be free when they do.

Could I use Vonage with my wireless internet service?

Episode 1003

Bill from Chino, CA

Bill wants to sign up for Vonage, and he's using WiMax and a Clearpoint router. Leo says that if he can get a consistent 512MB/s up, then he can use Vonage for voice over IP calls. WiMax is probably not that consistent though.

Obihai may be a better option, but he wouldn't get any 911 service with it. It's free with a purchase of the VOIP hardware itself, and uses Google Voice.