Why can't I remove Norton?

Episode 1441

Dean from Thousand Oaks, CA

Dean installed Norton but he's having trouble with it. Leo says that Windows 10 has Defender built in and it's probably running. Antivirus software won't work well when there's more than one antivirus installed. So Dean should remove the Norton one with the Norton Remove tool. If he has trouble using the removal tool, he should run in Safe Mode with Networking. That will prevent additional drivers from loading and should make it easier to remove it. He should also make sure he uses the right removal tool. Norton has several different ones depending on the utility it is.

Should I renew Norton AntiVirus?

Episode 1315

Al from California

Al's Norton Anti Virus is up for renewal. Is there an alternative? Leo says absolutely. Norton is actually making systems less secure, according to many security analysts. Windows' own antivirus, Windows Defender works just fine. Leo doesn't even recommend antivirus software anymore because all too often they cause more trouble than they're worth. The best defense is ultimately the user's behavior. Windows Defender is perfectly adequate, and it comes for free with Windows.

What's a good alternative for Norton antivirus?

Episode 938

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Chuck's Norton 360 Anti Virus has expired, and now he can't get it off the system. Since he hasn't renewed it, it's messing with his internet connection. Leo says that Norton's anti virus suite is notoriously overzealous. Anti-competitive and predatory? Maybe. If he needs to get rid of Norton AVS, Google Norton Removal Tool. They have a very good tool that'll remove everything and will restore his computer.

I had to reset Internet Explorer 7 and it messed up some of my Norton settings. How can I fix it?

Episode 904

Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA

First of all, Leo says using a six year old browser is probably causing a lot of those problems. She should update it to IE 8, or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Leo thinks that most people should switch to Google Chrome as their browser, though.

Why is Norton Backup reporting that all of my files were skipped?

Episode 879

Carol from Los Angeles, CA

First she should try copying a file to that external drive to make sure files can be written to it. If she can copy a file over, then the hard drive is working fine. Leo doesn't like Norton Backup as a solution, though. It, like a lot of backup software, backs everything up as a big "blob" and won't let her see the individual files on the external drive. Uncle Bic in the chatroom recommends Cobian Backup. It will backup the individual files which Carol can then see on the external drive.