How can I remove antivirus software off one machine and put it on another?

Episode 1080

Zack from Los Angeles, CA

Zack has an old Windows Vista machine. He uses ESET's Nod32 and wants to know if he can remove it from one computer and put it onto another. Leo says that can be tricky because AntiVirus software is designed not to be uninstalled, otherwise malware would do that. So he may need to spend some time over at ESET's support page to learn how to correctly do that.

Should I buy security software or use freebies like Microsoft Security Essentials? (Part 1)

Episode 1064

Drew from St. Louis, MO

Drew wants to know if Microsoft Security Essentials is good enough or should he buy an AVS. Leo says that MSE is good if he doesn't want to pay for one, but if he's willing to buy it, then he should. Eset's Nod 32 has heuristics that enables it to anticipate viruses before they happen. But the antivirus software can give a false sense of security. If he relies on that and doesn't change his online behavior, he's going to get infected anyway. If he runs as a limited user, he can protect himself against 90% of all the bad stuff out there.

What's a good alternative for Norton antivirus?

Episode 938

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Chuck's Norton 360 Anti Virus has expired, and now he can't get it off the system. Since he hasn't renewed it, it's messing with his internet connection. Leo says that Norton's anti virus suite is notoriously overzealous. Anti-competitive and predatory? Maybe. If he needs to get rid of Norton AVS, Google Norton Removal Tool. They have a very good tool that'll remove everything and will restore his computer.

Why can't I get internet access on my laptop despite it showing it's connected?

Episode 903

Sam from Garden Grove, CA

Sam has tried replacing drivers, restarting the router and modem and even bypassing the router and connecting directly to the modem. Leo concludes that there's something wrong with software on the laptop, and is most likely a Windows issue. He says it could either be security software that's blocking the connection or a virus that's doing it. Leo first recommends disabling his McAfee antivirus. It could be that the antivirus is being overzealous and is cutting out wireless activity.