Nexus 7

Which lower cost tablet would you recommend?

Episode 917

Jerry from Lancaster, CA

Jerry is looking to get a tablet and thinks that the iPad is a bit pricey. Leo says it is, but it's a great tablet. The iPad is definitely the champaign of tablets. It's got more memory, better performance, and a huge store of useful applications. Apple may even be announcing a less expensive 'iPad Mini' later this month, which will likely be a 7.85 inch tablet for around $200 to $300.

Would a tablet be a good replacement for my GPS device?

Episode 909

Tom from Riverside,CA

Tom is looking for a GPS replacement for his Garmin and he was thinking about a tablet because it could give him more options. He's concerned it won't connect to satellites for GPS, though. Leo says that almost all tablets he could get have a GPS chip (with the exception of the Wi-Fi only version of iPad), but the maps would get downloaded as he goes. Waze is a great app that does it this way. It collects information about the road ahead from other Waze users. However in rural areas with no 3G, he wouldn't have a map.

How can I play movies from my Nexus 7 on my TV?

Episode 907

Ashley from London, England

Sometimes content bought from the Google Play store, or the Apple iTunes store for that matter, can only be played on the device it was purchased on. But if the Nexus 7 supports DLNA, and he has a TV that supports DLNA, it could play content to the TV wirelessly similar to AirPlay on the AppleTV. Another way to do it is through the Nexus 7's USB connector. He could buy a MediaLink HD adapter, so he could just plug it into his TV using HDMI.

How could I transfer my Audible books to my new Nexus 7 tablet without downloading them all again?

Episode 897

Jim (K0JIM) from North Dakota

The Nexus 7 doesn't have a lot of internal storage and also doesn't have an SD card slot. He could try connecting the Nexus 7 to his computer via USB and copy the files to it that way. He could also use DropBox, and use that to transfer the files.

Leo suggests not filling up the storage of the Nexus 7, though. One reason the Nexus 7 doesn't have much storage is because everything is moving to the cloud.

Jim was one of Leo's first QSOs when Leo got into Ham Radio.

I have a Nexus 7 on backorder, but how can I buy apps now while they're on sale?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 894

Blake from Cedar Rapids, IA

The Google Play store won't let him buy an app unless he has a supported device installed. The chatroom says he could install the Android SDK and create a virtual tablet and register it. That's a long way to go to save a few bucks though. He could also go to a brick and mortar store, log into the Play Store with a demo device and buy the app that way. He may be able to buy a gift certificate. Another option is to contact the app developer and tell them the dilemma. Maybe they'd do something for him.

Is there a Windows based tablet I should look at getting to go with my Windows Phone?


Episode 891

Ann from Irvine, CA

Leo wouldn't recommend getting a Windows based tablet now because the existing ones are running an operating system not designed for touch. That will change though when Microsoft releases Windows RT, which is pretty much Windows 8 for tablets. Microsoft is expected to put out their Windows RT based Surface tablet in September or October. If she can wait, and if she's really happy with her Windows Phone, she might want to consider these Windows RT tablets. There won't be much software available for it because it's so new, though.