Nexus 7

What tablet should I get for IT work?

Episode 1104

Azar from Irvine, CA

Azar is an IT administrator and he's looking at getting a tablet for work. He has a Nexus 5 phone. Leo says that a Nexus 7 is a great companion for that. Azar says he can get a refurbished one for $100. Leo advises not doing that. It's likely the first generation and they had issues. Get the new version. It's worth spending the money on.

What about the Dell Venue Windows Tablet? Leo says the advantage to that is Microsoft Office. But if he can do everything he needs with the Android, why not?

What's the best tablet for games and reading?

Episode 1023

Susan from

Susan is looking to get a tablet that will handle ebook reading, games for the kids, and working the internet. Leo says that while you can get a cheaper Android iPad, Leo says that Susan should get an iPad. It's got great apps, is well supported, and very easy to use. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. But wait until Tuesday, October 22, because it's likely Apple will announce new iPads and she could save money on the previous version. 3G or Wifi?

Should I get the new Nexus 7 tablet or an iPad?

Episode 1000

John from San Diego, CA

John wants to transfer his photos and music from his Mac to a tablet. He was thinking of getting an iPad because he already has a Mac desktop, and is concerned that it'd be more complicated to transfer his data to Android. Leo says it isn't really any more difficult to move data to a Nexus 7, and the easiest way to do it with either tablet is through Dropbox.