Increased Demand for Products During Pandemic Causing Port Backup

 Port of Los Angeles

Episode 1833

Nearly 150 container ships off the coast of the Port of Los Angeles are waiting for entry to offload their cargo, in spite of increased efforts to clear the backload. Some are quarantined with crew infections of Covid, but mostly, it's the Port of LA straining to keep up with unprecedented demand. Ships are being docked and unloaded at record speed, but the ships just keep coming, prompting a backlog that isn't going to abate any time soon.

Do We Really Need Daylight Saving Time?


Episode 1371

24% more heart attacks, increased traffic accidents, and a wholesale lack of productivity is the byproduct of continuing to use Daylight Saving Time. Leo says it's an outdated concept whose liabilities outweigh the benefits, and we should simply get rid of it. It's important to know what is more high tech and what isn't. Your phone will automatically reflect the change, but your alarm clock will not. even has a petition to rid the world of Daylight Saving Time.

Tech Companies Respond to Trump's Immigration Order

Episode 1359

Protests broke out at airports across the country in response to Trump's executive order to ban people from certain countries. The reaction from the tech community was loud as well. One of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, went to San Francisco International Airport to protest. Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a statement as well, and nearly 200 Google employees were affected by this. Google is considering a recall of all employees currently outside of the country. Other tech companies responded equally to the ban.

Apple Moves to Streaming Model as iTunes Sales Wane

Apple Music

Episode 1203

The reason why Apple is going to a subscription model as opposed to the iTunes music purchase model turns out to be due to waning sales. More people are listening to streaming music than are buying music and downloading it. So it makes sense that Apple would want to get into that business with a subscription service. It's why they bought Beats. And their $10 a month service is competitive as well.

150,000,000 Adobe Creative Cloud Accounts Compromised

Episode 1029

Adobe's Creative Cloud has been hacked, exposing millions of accounts to hackers. Although the passwords were encrypted by Adobe, the hints were not, allowing hackers to deduce what passwords were. Most were set to "123456," or "password." Adobe has required users to change their password immediately, but the damage may have already been done since credit cards are linked to the accounts. Leo advises everyone to make passwords very difficult to deduce or to crack via brute force attack.

Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Making All Users Searchable

Episode 1021

Facebook has changed their privacy settings, but this time they've eliminated the option to keep your page out of searches. This means that every member on Facebook will turn up in search results, even if they previously chose to not show up. This is largely linked to the graph search.

Leo suggests removing any personal picture if your name is fairly common, lock down your personal settings, and take out any way to contact you through the page. At least that way, you're not making it easy. If you really want to be anonymous, you can always delete your account altogether.