never 10

How can I disable the 'Get Windows 10' reminder?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1309

Sonny from Sierra Madre, CA

Sunny got a Lenovo tablet with Windows 10. She was promised Windows 7 could also be used, but it just kept pushing her to upgrade. Leo says now that the free upgrade has passed, it should go away. There is a faster way to get rid of it, though, and it's from Steve Gibson. It's called Never 10. It will remove that reminder from the registry.

How can I stop Microsoft from updating me to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1275

Cathy from Santa Cruz, CA

Cathy has Windows 7 and does not want to move to Windows 10. Leo says that she can turn off recommended updates, but keep critical updates. Critical updates are vital to keeping the OS healthy and secure. But she can definitely choose to disable recommended updates, which is where the Windows 10 update files will be offered.

But there's a better option from Steve Gibson. It's called Never10. She can download it, install it, run it, and then can delete it. And she'll never be bothered by it again.