network attached storage

How can I get programs off my DVR?

Episode 1033

Mike from Trebuco Canyon, CA

Mike would like to transfer his movies from his DVR and play in his clinic. Leo says that Hollywood considers that piracy, but Leo says it's fair use. The only way he can do this is by exploiting the Analog hole. That means he'll have to plug the DVR into a computer that takes a composit or component imput and then capture it in real time while playing it back. It can be done, and he'll have to get some additional hardware (like a capture card), but he can do it. The other option is to buy downloads of the programs from iTunes or Amazon.

What's the best way to backup my music?

Episode 1008

Alan from Baton Rouge, LA

Alan has over 100GB of music in his iTunes library. He's at the point where he's about to run out of space. Leo says first thing Alan should do is get iTunes Match. For $25 it'll let Alan upgrade his songs to the best possible quality. Once he's run iTunes Match, he should delete all the tracks that have successfully matched from his computer. Then, redownload the matched music.

Should I buy or build network attached storage?

Episode 963

Rich from New York City, NY

Rich has two Western Digital 2TB hard drives that have failed on him. Leo says that hard drives can fail, even in the very beginning. Larger hard drives can fail more often, but they are getting better. Western Digital replaced the failed drives and he's thinking of building a network attached storage (NAS). He's wondering if it would be easier to just buy one instead. Leo says that buying is easier and he likes Synology for that.