Is My Old Netbook Still Safe to Use Online?

Windows 7

Episode 1713

Bob from Brea, CA

Bob wants to know if he can use his old Samsung Netbook on the Internet. Leo says that Netbooks were woefully slow and underpowered and didn't wear well. It also lowered the expectation of what we should pay for a laptop. It also was driven by Windows 7, which has stopped being supported by Microsoft, and as such, might be a security issue. At some point, a hack may be the risk. Leo says that Bob could upgrade it to Windows 10, or he could even run Linux on it. PopOS is one.

Or better yet, upgrade to a new Chromebook.

How can I upgrade a netbook to Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1629

Jim from Louisville, KY

Jim builds computers, and he's been trying to get a friend's netbook updated to Windows 10. But it doesn't work with it. Leo says that the computer is probably not compatible with Windows 10. It's a cheaper computer that was designed to work only with the older OS of Windows 8. Leo suspects that the storage memory isn't enough to upload Windows 10 and install it. It's just too lightweight. 

Why is my netbook so slow?

GPD Pocket

Episode 1487

Debbie from Milpitas, CA

Debbie has a GPD Pocket netbook computer and it's really slow. How can she get it to run faster? Leo says that an Acer netbook computer is slow because it's cheaply made and underpowered. She was paying for the size, not the power. A better option is to go with a Google Chromebook. It's light, cheap, and has far more power. Another good option is to take that GPD Pocket and install Linux on it for more speed.

What can I do when a driver crashes?

Episode 1005

Deborah from Mojave, CA

Deborah is suddenly having trouble with her Windows Netbook after it locked up. Apparently, a device driver got installed. Leo says that's probably OK. Drivers crash and the Windows OS finds new drivers all the time. Leo says that more important is the age of the netbook. And for the price of it, Deborah is lucky she got that much use out of it. Leo thinks she should start saving and just run the netbook into the ground. When she can't use it anymore, move on. But for now, a driver issue is minimal.

What should I replace my netbook with?

Episode 991

Damian from Rancho Santa Marguerita, CA

Damian has a netbook running Windows 8 and hates it. He's had it into repair several times. Leo says that since Damian has a computer that only costs a few hundred dollars, it isn't surprising that it would break often. It's the price vs. quality argument. Cheap computers have cheap components. That's why Leo advises getting a business class laptop for students.

Why did I lose my audio after restoring Windows on my Acer Aspire One?

Episode 963

Dana from Georgia

Dana has an Acer Aspire One netbook and when he restored the OS, he lost his sound drivers. Leo says to run Windows update. If that doesn't do it, then he can go to Acer's support site and get the drivers from there. The Windows update should fix it, though. The chatroom says another option is to use Linux Mint.

Are there any PC competitors that come close to the Macbook Air? (Part 2)


Episode 889

Trevor from Houston, TX

Yes, all the ultrabooks are designed to copy the Air exactly. Dell, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Vizio all make very similar thin and light laptops. The Vizio looks amazing and is less expensive. It's also a Microsoft "Signature" experience, meaning they don't add bloatware. Another good choice is the Asus Zenbook.