Why can't I keep using my Windows Media Center?

Episode 1207

Michael from San Dimas, CA

Michael has been using Windows Media Center but now that Microsoft has killed development for it, and the guide for Windows Media Center no longer works, he's been using Kodi. Then he heard of a third party guide which worked great, but now it won't work with Netflix because it's Windows Media Center. Leo says to try MythTV. It's open source, so it won't get killed off, and it has DVR capability. It works great. Another one to try is HDHomeRun.

How can I use a DVR if I'm blind?

Episod 1093

Larry from Sherman Oaks, CA

Larry has failing eyesight and records audio to SD cards to listen. He says he can't record using his DVR and just get the audio. He would like to record nonstop for hours on end. Leo says that DVRs aren't very well designed, especially for accessibility. Leo says that TIVO used to work on uVerse but sadly, not anymore. One suggestion may be MythTV. He can buy it pre-built or because it is open source, he can build his own.