How can I move my music from Music Match Jukebox to iTunes?

Episode 987

Michelle from Sherman Oaks, CA

Michelle's daughter has an old 2004 Dell desktop and the internet is really slow. She'd like to transfer her music to the new Dell computer she has. Leo says that the Internet is slow because the computer is slow. Leo advises just getting an external hard drive or thumb drive and just moving the data over to the new computer. Then she can import the music into iTunes with no trouble. If for some reason she needs Music Match on the new computer to access those files, has the newest version of Music Match, which is from 2006.

How can I promote my music online?

Episode 986

Fred from Los Angeles, CA

Fred would like to know the cheapest way to promote his band's website. Leo says giving away music is a great option. Participate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. SoundCloud is a great social sharing site for music. Giving away music builds a fan base and that should be job one. If he can build a fanbase of 1,000 fans, they'll take care of the rest and he can then begin to sell his music online.

How can I license music affordably for business?

Episode 970

Petros from Chino Hills, CA

Petros has a fitness business with bootcamps and he has locations all over the world. He wants to deliver a monthly mix tape. Leo says that copyright won't allow that and he'll have to license that music in order to play that in his business.

One way he can bypass it is to use Pandora. Pandora has a business version starting at $25 a month that takes care of all the license fees. XM Satellite radio also has a business service.

How can I get my music from iTunes so I can keep it? (Part 2)

Episode 948

Adam from Putnam Valley, NY

Leo says to get iTunes Match for a year and replace all his music with 256kb AAC unprotected music. Then, he can do anything he wants with it. Unfortunately, with digital music, he doesn't actually own those files -- he's merely leasing it for his lifetime. They're licensed to him and him only. Since they are unprotected files, though, he could give them to someone else, but they will have his email address in it since they are licensed to him.

What's the best cloud backup option for music?

Episode 936

Leslie from Washington, DC

Leslie has a very large iTunes music library, and she'd like to back it up. She wants to be sure not to lose it. Leo says that Leslie's best bet is iTunes Match. For $25 a year, her collection gets matched with copies that Apple has, and the ones that aren't matched are uploaded to Apple's servers. She can then stream them and download them again from there. Google has a similar service for free called Google Music.

Why won't my XBOX 360 stream everything I want it to? (Part 1)

Episode 917

Neil from Arizona

Leo says that there's probably copy protection on older purchased tracks that Neil bought online. The good news is that for $25, iTunes Match will let him replace the songs he bought that were copy protected with DRM free ones. Not only will he be able to replace all his music with DRM free, but they'll be upgraded to 256KB quality music. Even if he only does it once, it's a bargain.