Gary Rizzo on Recording

Episode 927

Gary Rizzo is a rerecording mixer for Skywalker Sound, who won an academy award for his work on Inception. He mixes the sound and polishes every scene so that it has it's maximum impact when you hear it in the movie theater. The film is actually mixed inside a movie theater to get it sound just right. What is the sense of volume that modern movies have in the theater? Gary says that dynamic range is the gift that provides that volume and range. We are in a calibrated environment, which sets a spec, or standard that needs to be met for every film. This is done through THX, Dolby, etc.

Is the movie industry moving more toward 3D vs 2D?

Episode 921

Von from Alisa Viejo, CA

Von is making a short documentary film for class on the topic of 2D vs. 3D movies. Leo says he's not really a fan of 3D because he doesn't have full binocular vision. Although he saw some amazing 3D at Universal Studios: Hollywood, where he saw the Transformers and King Kong. Very realistic and enjoyable. But regular 3D movies aren't like that. Leo think it's actually distracting from the movie itself. It's not natural in the way it's done in movies. Brightness is also an issue. Then there's the glasses that have to be worn.