Mountain Lion

Will my music software continue to work after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion?

Episode 966

Bob from Los Angeles, CA

Bob is a musician and he wonders if he should upgrade to Mountain Lion. He's worried that the specialized music software won't be compatible with the newer operating system. Leo says that he's had very good luck with Mountain Lion and it should work, but he advises contacting all the companies who make the software to be sure first before he does.

John from Simi Valley calls in and says that because it's his livelihood, he should keep it as is until he gets a new computer and then upgrade.

Will upgrading to Mountain Lion rearrange the partitions on my Macbook drive?

Episode 911

William from Puerto Rico

William has a Macbook, and he's dual booting Windows 7 and Snow Leopard with Boot Camp. He's wondering if upgrading to Mountain Lion would rearrange his partitions.

Leo says it won't, and it's pretty easy to do it. It will create a recovery partition for it, but it's pretty straight forward and won't affect other partitions. Leo recommends that he do the upgrade in place.

Why can't I use AirPlay on my iMac with Mountain Lion?

Episode 904

Bill from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The AirPlay symbol will appear automatically in the menubar when there's an AirPlay device it can play to. It could be that the iMac may be just too old for it to work. It needs to be the later half of 2011 for it to work. Leo also says to make sure Airplay is enabled in AppleTV.

The chatroom found an article that says there's a known issue with Airplay and Mountain Lion. Check it out here.

Why won't the upgrade coupon I was given for Mountain Lion work?

Episode 901

Debbie from San Diego, CA

Debbie bought a Mac Pro and was given an upgrade coupon for OS X Mountain Lion, but the upgrade code keeps getting rejected. Debbie found out that someone in Japan had taken the number, but Apple wouldn't give her another upgrade number.

She was concerned about her online security since someone had gotten that upgrade key, but Leo said it was just a lucky guess that someone came up with her upgrade key. Debbie's biggest problem is from Cupertino at this point. She should go to the Apple Store and talk to a Genius. He has a hunch they'll fix it.

I got an error while trying to download Mountain Lion on my Mac Pro. Is there another way to install it?

Episode 897

Mark from Australia

Mark tried downloading OS X Mountain Lion on his Mac Pro tower, but got an error and couldn't get it to work. He downloaded it fine on his Macbook Pro though, and wants to use that to install it on his Mac Pro. First he should make sure the Mac Pro is compatible with the upgrade. If it is, he can continue the process.

Should I wait for Mountain Lion to upgrade from Snow Leopard?

Episode 894

Andrew from St. Louis, MO

Mountain Lion will only be $20 for every computer in the house, and there's a lot of benefits to upgrading to it. Andrew wanted to use iCloud, and that's one big reason, but it's also going to be very secure with Gatekeeper. It'll be worth the wait, but it won't work on all Macs. The older his Macs are, the less likely they'll be supported. He won't have a problem if all of his Macs can't be upgraded though -- they'll all work fine on the same network.