Why does my Android phone keep dropping 4G?

Motorola Razr

Episode 989

Matt from Indiana

Matt is a truck driver and he recently bought the Motorola Razr. He's been having a problem with his signal going from "blue to white". When it's blue, he says, he can do everything, and white means he can only make phone calls. Matt says he'll notice that it says "4G" in blue, but when he tries to use it, it turns white, and he can't use data. He's been to Verizon several times and nothing has worked to fix it. He's even tried rooting it.

Big Week of Tech Announcements Ahead

Episode 904

Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note II with a larger screen on the 29th. September 5 will be the next Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset. Motorola and Google will be announcing something the same day, while Amazon will announce the new Kindle Fire tablet on September 6th.

Then there's that Apple iPhone announcement on September 12th, and some think the iPad mini will be announced a few weeks later. Leo is starting to think that Apple is leaking news to manage the cycle, but nobody really knows. What we do know is that September will be a crazy month for the technology industry.

Is the Droid 4 a good choice for a smartphone?

Motorola Droid 4

Episode 889

Lamarte from Lynwood, CA

Lamarte was looking into the Droid 4 because it has a physical keyboard. Leo says that an on-screen keyboard is a common concern for people getting their first smartphone, but a physical keyboard makes the phone so much thicker and heavier. Leo thinks that once you get used to the on-screen keyboard, it really is better. Lamarte says he just can't get the on-screen keyboards to work well for him though.