Should I switch from iPhone to the Motorola Moto X?

Episode 1006

Brian from Charlotte, NC

Brian has had to replace his iPhone 5 five times and is thinking of switching to the Motorola Moto X. Leo says that the Moto X is a great introduction to the Android world because it's a pure Google Android experience without a lot over extras or overlays. The screen is roughly the same, though slightly larger, than the iPhone. It even has similar Siri functions with Google Now.

Which new Android phone should I get?

Episode 1003

Pat from Tampa, FL

Pat wants to replace her Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and is thinking about the Galaxy S4 or the new Motorola Moto X. Leo says that while the Galaxy S4 is the best selling smartphone by far, Leo's not much of a fan of the Galaxy S4. It's really junked up with a lot of Samsung stuff she'll never use like watching where her eyes are looking.

The Moto-X is going to be "the" phone. It fits better in the hand, and Google Now is great. The camera is also very fast. Verizon won't get it for a few weeks, though.

Google Announces Their First Motorola Branded Phone

Episode 997

The "Moto X" will be the name of Google's first Android phone under the Motorola Brand since Google bought the company. The Moto X will be built in Fort Worth, TX, which will not only allow them to customize the phone's interface faster, but it will also circumvent the ban on Motorola phones as per the legal decision which would require all Motorola imports be turned away by the International Trade Commission.

Why does my Android phone keep dropping 4G?

Motorola Razr

Episode 989

Matt from Indiana

Matt is a truck driver and he recently bought the Motorola Razr. He's been having a problem with his signal going from "blue to white". When it's blue, he says, he can do everything, and white means he can only make phone calls. Matt says he'll notice that it says "4G" in blue, but when he tries to use it, it turns white, and he can't use data. He's been to Verizon several times and nothing has worked to fix it. He's even tried rooting it.