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What Phone Can I Get for Under $1000?

Motorola Moto G Power

Episode 1847

Perry from Glendale, CA

Perry has to have Android 9 or 10 on his Galaxy S4 mobile phone to do some banking online. How can he load it up manually? Leo says it may be too old to update. Look in the update settings. If it says he's up to date, then that means he's gone as far as he can go for updating and it may be time to get a new phone. This is a shame because the phone is still working just fine. It's not uncommon though, for mobile phones to be left behind as the development of Android goes full steam ahead.

What Phone Can I Get for Under $400

Moto G Power

Episode 1846

Suzie from West Covina, CA

Suzie is looking to get a new mobile phone to replace the Moto G5 she previously had. She has a budget of $300-$400. Leo says that tier is a mid-level tier and there are some good phones in that price range, including the Motorola G9. There's also the Moto G Power, which offers a lot more battery life. $229 for 128GB, Pretty good 48MP camera. Qualcomm processor with good performance. 

Another option is the One Plus. The Nord series is pretty good. The Samsung A series is also a good option.