What is a Good Source to Help Me Build a Medium/High-end PC?


Episode 1578

Chip from Corona del Mar, CA

Chip is looking to build a new computer and is looking for current guides to building medium/high-end PCs. Leo recommends and their hardware leaderboard. The leaderboard will help recommend all the right components and is a great place to start one's research. AnandTech and certain subreddits can also help with additional note-taking.

What does the blinking light mean on my computer?

Acer Aspire One

Episode 1352

Donald from Winnipeg, MB CAN

Donald has an Acer Aspire PC running Windows Vista and he's getting a steady blinking light. Leo says that the blinking can mean something. It's like the "Power On Self Test." The motherboard battery may have died, and the light is telling him to replace it. That's the cheapest and easiest fix. If that doesn't fix it, he should look at his desktop power cord. Then he can move on to the power supply.

Why do I get a "Disk IO" error on Windows 7 when I access multiple hard drives? (Part 2)

Episode 981

Matt from Fontana, CA

Ever since Matt got the Asus formula V motherboard, and updated the BIOS on it, he gets a "Disk IO" error whenever he accesses his hard drives in Windows 7. The chatroom says he could roll back to a prior version of the BIOS. Leo suspects that when he updated the BIOS, it may have wiped the configuration memory on the motherboard. When he starts up his system, he should enter BIOS and look for "enhanced system configuration data" or "ESCD". It also could show up as an option to "Reset configuration data".

Why does my computer shut itself down after awhile?

Episode 889

John from Los Angeles, CA

It could be an overheating issue, and the computer is just shutting down when it gets too hot. Then when it cools down later, it will start back up. John also mentioned that in BIOS his computer is unable to see his hard drive and optical drive. This could be from bad components on his motherboard. Geek Squad told him it's a bad motherboard, and it sounds like that is likely.

Why do I have to reseat my graphics card once a month to fix artifacting in games?

Episode 879

Christian from Norway

Leo says it's possible that the graphics card could be slowly working itself out of the slot causing him to have to reseat it, but then it would just stop working altogether. Leo thinks it's more likely overheating, but Christian doesn't believe that's the case and thinks it's the motherboard instead. Since Asus made the motherboard, Leo advises running the Asus PC Diagnostics. He also should try updating the firmware.