Why did 'mirroring' stop working from my PC to my projector? (Part 1)

Episode 1004

Rob from Tarzana, CA

Rob has a video projector that he uses with his PC and Mac. He can get it to mirror on the Mac, but it stopped working on Windows. Leo says that an update could've broken the connection. Or it could be that the mirroring option was disabled. Rob should try a different resolution and see if that works. 1024x768 is the basic resolution. Sometimes a projector doesn't support the full resolution. Macs work easier while the Windows side is more tedious to get to work.

Why is my computer monitor not showing the whole picture?

Episode 1004

Paul from Santa Monica, CA

Paul's monitor is only displaying part of the picture, and he can't see the bottom of pages he visits. Leo says it sounds like a refresh rate issue, which could be an incorrect driver. He should check the monitor settings and change the size and position of the picture on the screen. He should play around with those to see if he can fix it, and look for an "auto-adjust" button.

How can I get my computer to display full screen on my HD TV without black bars? (Part 1)

Episode 971

Steve from Bakersfield, CA

Steve is visually impaired and his LCD TV, which he's using as a computer monitor, isn't showing the full screen. He has black bars along the sides. Leo says it may be because he's not using the native resolution, and he should make sure that it's set as close as he can get it. He could scale it and make it larger to fill the screen, but that would make it look blurry. He should figure out what the resolution is that the monitor can do and then see if the computer can match it. He can do this in Windows display settings.

What external monitor should I get? (Part 1)

Sony Viewsonic Monitor

Episode 950

Pat from Anaheim, CA

Pat is using a Dell XPS9000 and he wants to connect it to a 27" Viewsonic monitor. Leo says that it should work, but depends on if the video card supports the resolution on the monitor. He should find out the highest resolution that the video card can support. If the monitor has a higher native resolution than the laptop can support, it won't work very well. If the computer is capable of it, and it's likely that it can, then he should be fine.

Is there a way to fix the screen on an old laptop?

Episode 944

Don from Mojave Valley, AZ

Don has an old laptop and the screen is dimmed down. Leo says he should check his settings, but it's likely that due to the age, the backlight is failing. It probably would be cheaper to just get a new computer. To be sure, he can plug the laptop in to an external monitor. If the image on the external display looks fine, then the laptop screen is just dying.

Where could I find a very large digital picture frame?

Vizio XVT323SV 32-Inch Full HD 1080p LED LCD HDTV

Episode 885

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA

Jim is looking for a large digital picture frame, perhaps something as big as 27". Leo suggests Big eFrame, but Jim thinks those are too bright and and won’t change pictures longer than once every 30 seconds. Leo says the larger digital picture frames are expensive, and he might be better off buying an HDTV. These days, TVs have USB and other card slots, and can do slide shows.