Why is my monitor displaying inverted colors?

Video card

Episode 1144

Ken from Los Angeles, CA

Ken has a problem with his monitor. All his icons have turned to negative. He tried to change the cable, and he even tried another monitor. Leo says it may be that his settings were changed. Ken should go into accessibility and see if it's set for high contrast mode. But when he unplugs it and plugs it back in, it goes back to normal. Leo says that's odd. Leo says to update the drivers on the video card. If it rights itself when he tries again, that points to a hardware issue and Ken should try replacing the video card.

How can I mount a computer monitor on the wall?

Ergotron LX HD Wall Mount Swing Arm

Episode 1131

Pete from Brooklyn, NY

Pete would like to mount a Mac monitor on the wall. Leo says a VESA mount is the best and Leo recommends Ergotron arms. That's what TWiT uses in the Brickhouse studios. He recommends bringing his monitor back to Apple and requesting a model with the VESA mount. Leo also says that Dell's 5K monitor is great for the same price. It may be worth going that way.

How can I provide a touch screen interface for customers?

Apple iPad Air

Episode 1094

Kenny from San Diego, CA

Kenny has a Mac Mini set up as his front desk. When people walk in, he shows people the tours he offers, since he owns a tour company. He has the Mac Mini connected to two monitors set up to mirror each other. He's wondering if there's an easy way to turn mirroring off when customers aren't there. Leo says he just has to change it in the display settings, and then he'll have an extended desktop with those two monitors, and he can drag things from one screen to the other.

Why doesn't my monitor wake up from sleep mode?

Episode 1081

Daniel from Whittier, CA

Dan bought a new Dell computer about a month ago with a VGA monitor. It worked for about a day, and then stopped working after going to sleep. They plugged in a second monitor and it wasn't working. It could only work via HDMI. Leo says HDMI is better quality-wise, but Dan uses it as a TV as well. When it goes to sleep, it won't wake up. He's concerned that the monitor is faulty.

Why won't my resolution adjust when I use an external monitor with my laptop?

Episode 1072

Gary from Los Angeles, CA

Gary notices that his resolution doesn't adjust when he docks his laptop to his monitor. Leo says that's odd because Windows should do that really well. Chances are, this is an issue with the Lenovo laptop. Ideally, Gary will want the monitor to display at the native dot for dot resolution.