Can I Use a TV as a Computer Monitor?

AW 55 Inches OLED Gaming Monitor

Episode 1791

Jimmy from Stanton, CA

Jimmy wants to know if you can use a TV as a computer monitor. Leo says you can, but the sharpness of the TV isn't really good enough. Not as sharp. Leo thinks it's better to go the opposite direction and get the largest computer monitor he can afford and use it as a TV. Monitors are much sharper.  Alienware makes a 55" monitor.  But it really comes down to what he will use the computer for. Some, including JammerB in the chatroom, use a 4K LCD with a 120hz fresh rate, which can do the job. But they'll be more expensive than a monitor.

Should I Get a Big Monitor or Multiple Smaller Ones?


Episode 1786

Aaron from Newhall, CA

Aaron wants to know if he should get multiple monitors for video editing, or use a larger monitor. Leo recently got a 55" OLED monitor for his, and he has plenty of screen real estate. His wife has a 49" curved monitor. HP makes a monitor with four inputs and he can switch between them. Leo also recommends using Magnet screen snapping software to go to the active window when opening. Leo would also recommend the Dell Precision monitors or the Ultrasharp. 

The Giz Wiz and the New Tech Thingies

Dick Debartolo

Episode 1782

Dickie D got a new monitor this week.  The LG 29WN600 Ultra Wide Screen Monitor.  The resolution is Full HD (2560 x 1080), and it's an IPS display. It also includes 2 7-watt stereo speakers with Audio Maxx technology. With HDR SRGB 99% Color Gamut, it's also HDR 10 Compatiblewith OnScreen Control that lets you divide the screen real estate 18 different ways with as many as 8 different images on the 29” display at some time. MSRP: $249.99, but it's $225.99 on Amazon as of 3/21/21. 

Why Is My Monitor Slow to Wake Up?

Display Port, DVI, VGA, HDMI Cables

Episode 1748

Jeff from Mumfordville, KY

Jeff has a ViewSonic LED monitor, but recently the monitor has started hesitating waking up. It also flickers. Is that a computer or a monitor issue? Leo says it isn't unusual as a monitor that's HDMI driven goes through a "handshake" to determine the best resolution to display. But if it's a standard DVI or VGA connection, then the flickering could be caused by a bad cable or even power interference with the cable. Worst case, the monitor may be starting to fail. But that's unlikely. Start with the easy solution first and replace the cable. It could also be an issue with your video card.

What's a Good Gaming Monitor?


Episode 1721

Patricia from San Bernardino, CA

Christina is looking to get a huge gaming monitor for her nephew. HP or LG 24"? Leo says that it depends on how great an Aunt she wants to be. HP and LG both make videos that are curved and are very popular with gamers. Even some as large as 39". So it doesn't really matter which brand she gets.  24" is a little small, but if the kid likes that size, either would be fine. The key is what refresh rate it has, 120 Hz is good for gaming. And if it's listed as a gaming monitor, it will. And they aren't expensive at $175. The 29" LG is also very popular. $225

What's a good alternative monitor for the new Mac Pro?

New Mac Pro

Episode 1649

Bob from Des Moines, IA

Bob is buying the new Apple MacPro. He was thinking of getting the XTR monitor, but he's not high on paying $1,000 for a stand. Leo says that the monitor is really a color reference monitor for professional colorists. It's a beautiful work of art, but it's also $6,000. So for 99.9% of us, it's not necessary. But if you're doing video, you're going to want a very color-accurate monitor. Apple will likely continue to sell the LG UltraFine 5K monitor as well. It's expensive as well, but not nearly as much as the Apple monitor.

What equipment do I need to get into day trading?

Flash Boys

Episode 1569

Andy from LaHabra, CA

Andy is thinking about getting into day trading. What does Leo think? Leo says to read FLASHBOYS. Trading is now an automated, high volume business, and trades are happening in milliseconds, often before anyone at the NYSE knows what's happening. That is the competition. And it's really easy to lose a shirt in day trading, as you get leveraged buying stock on margin.

He'll need a very powerful computer, but any laptop can do basic day trading. It's quite an investment. He'll also need software and a subscription to wall street's feed.