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Pokémon Go Is the Newest Gaming Obsession

Pokémon Go

Episode 1303

Pokémon Go is a new mobile game that's taking the US and Australia by storm. It uses augmented reality to motivate people to get out of the house and interact with the world around them. Leo says that what's great about the game is that it gets you out and moving, plus you meet other people playing the game. Leo tried it this week and walked five miles playing the game. It's kind of like Geo Caching meets Pokémon. Leo says that it's serious too, because shares of Nintendo have risen 15% in the last few weeks. The question is, will it be a fad with a quick burn out factor like Flappy Bird?

Is there an app that helps me with snoring?

Episode 1157

Ed from Valencia, CA

Ed has a problem with snoring and wants to know if there's an app that can help him. Leo says if he has an Android phone, Sleep as Android will actually monitor his sleep patterns and record his snoring. This can help him discover whether or not he's snoring. There's also a grid that will show him how much he is snoring and when. It'll even record him talking in his sleep.

How can I prepare myself for the digital job market?

Episode 1020

Alan from Troy, NY

Alan is a senior in college majoring in mechanical engineering and social/political science and he'll be entering the job market soon. What skills will he need? Leo says that Alan already has a leg up with his social media emphasis on mechanical engineering. Leo says that knowing how to write mobile apps would definitely give him an advantage over the competition. Mobile apps are the future.