Is T-Mobile Good for Travelling Overseas?


Episode 1606

Albert from Las Vegas, NV

Albert travelled overseas and brought his T-Mobile phone because it offers free 2G/EDGE speeds. Leo says that it works great, even if it's slower. He can pay $10 a day for a limited amount of data on other wireless plans, too. And that's largely thanks to T-Mobile disrupting the industry.  Leo also says to google Prepaidwithdata Wiki and go to the page to find out where he can get a MiFi card when travelling overseas. 

How can I get more data while on the road?

Episode 1560

Tracey from Irvine, CA

Tracey's husband has retired and they've bought a travel trailer to see the sights. But they quickly surpass their data caps on their mobile devices and is looking for an alternative. Leo says that you can buy a larger data plan. It really comes down to how much data you need from month to month. Part of Tracey's problem is she has three kids who are also on the plan. So they blow through 22 GB is days. Using a satellite dish is possible, but you have to aim it every time you stop, the gear is expensive, and the caps are small and slow. But Exceed by Wild Blue is the best.

What's the best carrier in LA?

Cell Phone Tower

Episode 1377

Rob from Santa Monica, CA

Rob wants to know who best provider is for the iPhone in Los Angeles? Leo says that in a huge metropolitan area like LA, he'll have his pick of the litter. He shouldn't trust the carrier coverage maps, as they are too optimistic. There are third party sites like that will give an independent assessment. T-Mobile and Sprint are also good, but they have dead pockets in the suburbs. AT&T and Verizon are best in LA.

How can I make my website look better on a mobile device?

Episode 1208

Robert from Long Beach, CA

Robert is having trouble with the responsiveness of his website. He's very frustrated with how poor it looks on mobile. Leo says that if the site resizes the site and it looks good, that's responsive design. If not, then it's time to get a better host. More than half of his customers are on smartphones and as such, it's vital to have a website that can look good no matter what size screen they have. But that isn't cheap. Leo says that Shopify should have templates that can handle this. Mobile responsive design is just as important to Shopify as it is to Robert, so he should call them up.

How can I improve Wi-Fi Reception? (Part 1)

Episode 986

Mark from Alabama

Mark is a trucker and when he gets to a truck stop, he sometimes gets a lousy signal. Leo says that congestion is probably Mark's biggest hurdle. Absent that, if he can't pick it up at all, Leo recommends going over to They specialize in high power antennas that can pick up a Wi-Fi signal better. CCrane also makes some Wi-Fi antennas. There's also the Yagi plug and play from Amazon. Mark needs to learn the ins and outs and can teach him those.

Facebook Automatically Uploading User's Mobile Photos

Episode 932

Facebook's newest feature syncs user's mobile photos automatically to their social network through the Facebook mobile app. Once the user selects to use PhotoSync, each new photo taken on that device will be automatically uploaded. This follows Apple's Photostream feature in iCloud, and also the automatic upload feature in Google+. Facebook claims the photos will be private, but Leo says it may be a feature users should think twice about before enabling.