Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1514

Chris posits the question that if a mirrorless camera doesn't have a shutter mirror, why does it make a sound? Chris says it does because it's expected to and it's just a recording. Much like the iPhone, which has a recording of the Canon AE1 as its shutter sound. But today's mirrorless models also have the option of turning the sound off. There is also some jurisdictions where a camera is required by law to make sound when taking a picture. Chris likes the shutter sound though, because he will take a picture, and then wait a half second to take another.

Should I wait for the Sony A7 Mark II?

Sony a7

Episode 1138

Arnie from Atlanta, GA

Arnie saw that Leo likes the Sony A7 camera. He's got an NEX 7 and wants to upgrade to full frame. Leo says that the NEX is a great camera, but once he goes full frame, he'll never go back.

Arnie was just about to buy the a7s, but is wondering if he should get the A7 Mark II instead. It's got 5 axis image stabilization and that's a sweet feature. Sony just announced this new camera, and Leo doesn't know when it will be available. At the moment, it's just ad copy, there's no actual product to review.

What DSLR should I buy?

Nikon D3300

Episode 1136

Brian from Winterhaven, FL

Brian's wife wants a DSLR for Christmas. Leo says that sensor size drives what camera he'll really want to get. The bigger the sensor, the more expensive it will be. And it will tend to be bigger and heavier. Leo has a Canon 5D Mk. II that he rarely uses because it's so heavy. That's why he likes mirrorless and micro four thirds cameras. They are every bit as good, but they don't have a prism or mirror. They are lighter and simpler.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1024

Chris joins the show to talk about Sony's new full-frame, mirrorless DSLR - the A7 and A7R. Leo says that everyone is going crazy over it. Trey Ratcliffe is selling off his SLRs to go mirrorless. Is this trouble for DSLRs? Chris says it just may be. We can take these big cameras and dump them. Chris says the one thing that has prevented him from going mirrorless was the sensor size. With the A7, he no longer has that hesitation.