What's the Best App for Handling Finances Now?


Episode 1837

Wayne from San Diego, CA

Wayne is looking for a good program to manage his finances and do banking. Leo says that Quicken is really the most popular. But the downside is, they charge every year for critical updates. But online banking sites like Mint and Personal Capital have really taken over with cloud-based financial apps that can work really well. And the best part is, they're free. 

Why Does My Linux Laptop Have Video Glitches?


Episode 1770

Quincy from Las Vegas, NV

Quincy likes using MINT Linux on his old Dell Latitude laptop because it looks a lot like Windows. But the video has been glitching. Leo says that Mint may have chosen the wrong driver when he installed it. Linux uses video drivers made mostly by enthusiasts, and relying on the motherboard graphics is the easiest to get drivers for. But he may want to check the video card manufacturer to see if they have a Linux driver available. Try googling the model laptop with Linux and see what drivers pop up, and who has solved that issue.

What's a good budgeting utility?


Episode 1686

Jay from Manassas Park, VI

Jay uses a budget program called "You Need a Budget" because he wasn't happy with Mint. But it doesn't have the features he wants. He heard that Excel can now connect to his bank. True? Leo says Google just announced that as a new feature, importing bank information. Leo says that there's a subreddit at There's a good topic of discussion there. Another option is an app called Personal Capital.

How can I fix a display issue in Linux?


Episode 1636

Stan from St. Louis, MO

Stan is having a computer display issue. He has issues when he plays video.  But when he uses Linux remotely, he has no issue. But when he's on Linux directly, he has an issue. Leo suspects that there's an issue with the video card. Maybe an incompatible video driver. You could remove the driver, and reinstall it. Or, get an inexpensive video card and see if it fixes the problem. Leo says that using a different flavor of Linux, like PopOS could also solve it.

What's a good alternative for Quicken?


Episode 1544

Greg from Mission Viejo, CA

Greg would like an alternative to Quicken. He doesn't like the subscription service, and is tired of buying upgrades. He would prefer a Mac option that Turbo Tax will support. Leo says that he thinks Intuit wants everyone to move towards Mint, which is free. Mint automatically imports bank and credit card information. It does a great job categorizing as well. There's an open source app called Money Manager EX, which Leo says is designed for those looking to leave Quicken.

Is there an app that can organize my taxes?


Episode 1457

Dan from Orange County, CA

Dan wants to know if there's an app that will automatically look at his bank account and divide up his expenses to categorize them for taxes. Leo says that spreadsheets were designed with a database feature which will certainly do that. All he needs to do is set it up. There are also spreadsheet templates for Excel and others which are likely available to do what he wants. Leo also says that it may be worth doing with Mint. It's free and has a lot of automatic features.

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What are alternatives to Microsoft Money?

Episode 1225

Phil from Simi Valley, CA

Phil has been using Microsoft Money and he knows they don't support it anymore. Leo says that Money used to use features that are no longer supported, so they released a "sunset" version that doesn't support those features. Phil uses it on his Mac in Parallels, but it's pretty slow. Leo says that there are three virtual machine apps that work well -- Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and Oracle's free VirtualBox.