Migration assistant

How Do I Move My Data Over to My New Mac?


Episode 1835

Fran from Irvine, CA

Fran wants to know how she can transfer data from her external hard drives from her new Mac. Leo says that there's a migration assistant on the new Mac that will walk her through it.  But depending on how old her Mac is, she may be stuck with a certain version of macOS, but she should be able to migrate the data straight over no matter what version macOS is. Does she have to have Apple do it? Leo says no.

How Can I Move Data From My Old Mac to a New Mac?

 Migration Assistant

Episode 1800

Bob from Honolulu, HI

Bob got a new Mac and wants to know how to transfer data from his old one. Leo says it should ask if the user wants to transfer from the old Mac at Setup.  It's called the Migration Assistant. It may even do it via WiFi. But definitely over USB. And it could take a while. But it can get stuck, so if it doesn't move after a few hours, Bob may need to quit it. But he'll get most of the data.