Microsoft works

How can I get my Works Calendar back?

Microsoft Works

Episode 1682

Suzie from Los Angeles, CA

Suzie uninstalled Microsoft Works from her old laptop recently and wants to know if she can reinstall it. Leo says that Microsoft stopped making Works in 2009. Without the installer, you're kind of out of luck. But there are other tools you can use in its place: ZoHo Office, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office on the web, Google Docs, all free. Suzie only really needs a Calendar. Leo says that Google Calendar is a good free option. There is also a calendar built into Windows 10.

How can I get my journal back?

Episode 993

Barbara from Los Angeles, CA

Barbara had a loved one who was in the hospital and she would use her computer to write his journal with Microsoft Works. Now all the data is gone and she's very upset. She was able to retrieve it up to 2011. Leo says there has to be multiple backups of the document and if she found one, there could be another. This is the reason why it's vital to backup. It may be gone forever, sadly.