Microsoft Office

Should I upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Episode 988

Kiki from Portland, OR

Kiki is a secretary for an organization, and needs to get a separate computer to manage it. She's using XP now, and she can get a good deal on a Windows 7 Dell machine. She's leery of Windows 8. She's wondering if she should just get the Windows 7 machine, or wait and go with Windows 8. Leo says that Windows 8.1 will be better in the fall, but there's no need to wait. Leo's office uses Windows 7. One thing to check out though is Microsoft Office 365.

Should I upgrade to Office 2013?

Episode 956

Tom from Portland, OR

Tom just bought Microsoft Office 2010 and now they've released 2013. Should he upgrade again? Leo says no, that's not necessary. He doesn't need to spend $100 a year to subscribe unless he needs the Microsoft cloud options. He would get five installs though, plus Office 365 online. But he can do everything in 2013 in 2010 with only a step or two extra. So he should just stick with 2010.

How can I get my copy of Microsoft Office installed on Windows 8?

Episode 948

Dawn from Dana Point, CA

Dawn also has a bunch of Office programs and she can't install them. Leo says they're likely OEM versions that can't be installed on another computer. The new Office 2013 is a good option for $100 a year for up to 5PCs. There's also Google Docs, or ZoHo Office. There's a free open source Office suite called Libre Office. The chatroom says that voice dictation is part of Windows 8 natively, and it supports Libre.

I'm a business owner with 9 employees. Should I move to Microsoft Exchange for email?

Episode 909

Mike from Hermosa Beach, CA

Exchange is Microsoft's mail server, but it's not the only one. Leo's company uses Google and GMail. It supports IMAP, and it can be used as an Exchange server. It's likely cheaper to use, and Google Apps for business is the whole package. Especially since Mike is using Google docs already.

If I install Office 2010, will that conflict with Office 2007? (Part 2)

Microsoft Office 2010

Episode 889

Paul from Columbus, OH

No. Office 2010 will replace Office 2007, so it won't be a problem. Leo thinks it's also possible to choose whether to have Office 2010 replace 2007 or just have dual installs. There's no reason he'd want to have both installed though, so it should replace his previous version of Office just fine.