Microsoft Office

Should I install an update from Microsoft on my Mac?


Episode 1109

Tony from Indianapolis, IN

Tony is getting an update error for an update that requires a "licensing agreement" for using OS X Mavericks and Microsoft Office on his Mac. Leo says it sounds like an Office issue and having to agree to their EULA is a standard thing. It's safe to install. Ideally, they're supposed to apply the updates automatically, but apparently not in this case. It could be a setting that's been disabled.

How can I sync Outlook to Apple Mail?

Episode 1094

Kenny from San Diego, CA

Kenny wants to know if there's any easy way to sync Microsoft Outlook with Apple Mail? Leo says that if the email is handled via IMAP, then all that email is on the server. So if it's on an IMAP server, both Apple Mail and Outlook will access it in the same place. It may not get everything, though. If it doesn't then he'll have to export all of his mail and import it into Apple Mail.

Why can't I open files on my laptop at work?

Episode 1094

Lucy from Torrance, CA

Lucy just got her first laptop, a Dell Inspiron. Lately, she's been having issues opening files and saving them at work. But when she's home, it works just fine. Leo says to make sure she's saving files to her local hard drive and not a networked drive that it can't find. The latest version of Office saves to the cloud by default, not a local drive. So if the computer was disconnected from the internet, it wouldn't be able to see that file.

What is a good solution for keeping my Office documents in the Cloud?

Episode 1089

Todd from Sacramento, CA

Todd has always backed up his documents to a flash drive, but since it has failed, he's starting think there has to be a smarter way to do it. He was thinking of putting them on Google Docs. Leo says it's a good solution that's free, but it can be limited. Leo likes Microsoft's Office 365 since it's cloud based, yet documents can still be stored locally.

Windows 8.1 is not so bad.

Episode 1085

Richard from Las Cruces, NM

Richard just retired the ultimate gaming machine he built 10 years ago, and built a new one recently. He installed Windows 8.1 and loves it. He likes the Metro tile interface. Leo says that there's a ton of improvements in Windows 8 over Windows 7 including file copying. Leo believes that moving forward, it may be a bit confusing, but it's a lot better with version 8.1.

Is an old version of Office safe to use?

Episode 1070

Bob from Potsville, PA

Bob has a very old version of Microsoft Office and he wants to know if it's safe to continue using. Leo says that this week, a "zero day flaw" was found in Microsoft Office through the RTF rendering engine, and hackers have been taking advantage of that. So if there's an update, update it. Leo also says not to use Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome instead. He should turn off the feature that automatically launches an app when he goes to a website as well. If he's careful, he should be able to keep using his version of Office, though.

Microsoft Makes OneNote Free, and on Every Platform

Microsoft OneNote

Episode 1067

Making it available on every platform, Microsoft finally made their note taking app OneNote free in an attempt to take on Evernote. We also think that Microsoft will announce plans to release Microsoft Office for iPad. Leo also believes a touch centric Office suite is coming for Windows 8 Surface tablets as well. But while people are enjoying the tablet experience, Leo says it seems like Microsoft is forcing touch on computer users.

What's the best free office suite for Mac?

Episode 1039

Bill from Pasadena, CA

Bill's office recently got broken into and several computers were stolen. He's having a lot of issues opening the data he backed up in open source applications like Open Office. Leo says that Open Office has issues in OS X Mavericks. Libre Office 4.1 may work better for him. Should Bill roll back his Mac to Mountain Lion? Leo says that's a possibility. Leo suggests trying a brief month to month subscription to Microsoft Office 365. That may be the best route.

Nokia to Start Selling Lumia 2520 Windows RT Tablet November 22

Nokia Lumia 2520

Episode 1031

Nokia will start selling its Lumia 2520 8 inch Windows RT tablet on November 22nd. It will be available from Verizon and AT&T, and is roughly the same cost as an iPad, at $400. It comes with Microsoft Office free.

Nokia Lumia 2520 RT tablet available in US for $400 on 22 November (ZDnet)…