Microsoft Office

Is Libre Office as good as Microsoft Office?

Episode 1290

Paul from La Jolla, CA

Paul wants to know about Libre Office. Leo says that Libre is open source software and it's free. It has many of the same features as Microsoft Office. It's just as good, but is not as polished as Microsoft. Leo's a fan of it.

If Paul would rather have Microsoft Office, he should check out Microsoft Office Web. It's a stripped down version of Office that he can use online and it's free.

Does Microsoft Office work well as a database server?

Episode 1283

Deborah from Carlsbad, CA

Deborah wants needs a database and wants to be able to have a limited number of people in the company to share it. Microsoft Office can do it, but it usually uses a locally run Exchange server.

Leo suggests looking at this tech note from Leo suggests creating a spreadsheet and then see if it can break. Leo did it with Google Docs and they got 150 current users before it started to refuse connections. So Google Docs would work as well.

Can a Chromebook run Office applications?

Episode 1267

Stacey from San Pedro, CA

Stacey wants to know if a Chromebook can run Microsoft Office functions. Leo says that it can run Google Docs, but it won't run Windows apps like Office. Google Docs has a spreadsheet program that's almost as good as Excel, though. She's also having trouble using the trackpad. Leo says to just buy a mouse, plug it in via USB, and it'll be just like a desktop.

How can I backup my iPad?

Episode 1216

Josie from New Mexico

Josie wants to know how she can backup her iPad. Leo says that the easiest way is to back it up using iTunes on her home computer. She can also back it up to iCloud, but she'll only get 5GB free on iCloud, so she'd have to pay for more. The good news is that she can back it up anywhere, and iCloud Drive isn't that expensive. Another option is OneDrive. If she has a subscription to Microsoft Office, she can get unlimited storage to OneDrive. But that won't backup everything. Only Apple can do that.

Will I be able to keep using Microsoft Office with Windows 10?

Episode 1166

John from Hisperia, CA

John has a Dell laptop that comes with Microsoft Office. Will he be able to keep it when he upgrades to Windows 10? Leo says yes, for at least a year. That means he'll have a year to upgrade before they start charging. And any apps that come with them will also be able to be used. So there shouldn't be any problem with that.

What's the best office suite for editing documents online?

Microsoft OneDrive

Episode 1123

Mitan from Belgrade, Serbia

Mitan has a bunch of technical documents and he wants to edit them. Leo says that Microsoft Office Online (formerly Office 365) is the best option. Microsoft is pushing everyone to move their data to the cloud, and Office 365 is in the cloud. There may be some advanced features that aren't available, but it's likely that it'll work for Mitan. He can then store the documents at Microsoft OneDrive.

Why is Microsoft Office giving me a configuration warning after a power failure?

Hard drive

Episode 1110

Rob from Sylmar, CA

Rob has a Lenovo running Windows 7 and Office 2007, and it keeps displaying a configuration warning after a recent power failure. Leo says that Office programs hate power failures and it's likely that the config file became corrupt. When power comes back on, it causes a power surge that can also cause problems. Leo thinks that Office is trying to write to the file, but since it's damaged it's having trouble.