microSd cards

Is it possible to combine the SD card and internal storage into a single drive on a Windows tablet?

ASUS Transformer Book T100

Episode 1074

Rich from East Point, MI

Rich has an ASUS T100 Windows 8 tablet with attachable keyboard. It came with 32GB of internal storage, with the option to expand using an SD card. He's wondering if he can combine the internal storage and the SD card so that they appear as one single drive. Leo says he could, but it raises the failure rate because if one fails, it all fails. It's called "Scary RAID." Even if he adds more space with a MicroSD card, he may or may not be able to add apps to it. Tablets really aren't upgradable.

What microSD card should I get for my cell phone? (Part 1)

Episode 1034

Carla from Irvine, CA

Carla is looking for a good microSD for her Samsung Galaxy S3, but she keeps hearing about them crashing. Leo says that microSD cards can crash like anything else. Sandisk is his brand of choice. What class should she get? Leo says class 4 or better is fine, but she shouldn't spend a lot of money on class 10 cards because a cellphone can't really use that speed. Since they can crash, it's vital for her to back up her images and videos as often as she can.