Are there things to like about Windows 8?

Episode 977

Tom from Brea, CA

Tom has Windows 8 and likes it, but would much rather have a start button. Leo says he can press the Windows Key and it'll go into the desktop, which is beneficial. He also customizes his metro interface for him, which is something that most people don't realize is possible. Tom also says he loves the search feature because all he needs to do is start typing and it'll bring stuff up. Leo agrees, that is very easy. He also really likes the Mail app in Windows 8.

Stardock Gives Windows 8 a More Classic Look

Episode 971

As everyone knows, Leo's not much of a fan of Windows 8's "Modern UI" interface. So, for $10, he installed Stardock. Now he gets all the functions of Windows 8, but with the layout of Windows 7, and it's just as fast.

Leo has heard that Windows 8.1 will bring back the start button and will allow users to natively boot into the desktop, rather than having the Modern UI forced upon them.