SnapStream Returns With Professional Recording for Media Companies

Episode 1020

Snapstream, an app that would allow users to record TV and play it from the internet, has pivoted and now provides professional DVR services to the broadcasters themselves. The company has begun providing a service to production companies to record television programs with all metadata and provide that to its customers.

Check out more on SnapStream here.

How can I back up the facial recognition data in Picasa? (Part 2)

Episode 914

Bill from Puerto Rico

That data for facial recognition and other photo metadata is stored in his user folder, in App Data >> local >> google. Inside there he'll see folders "Picasa" and "Picasa Albums". If he backs those up, all of the photos and other data will be saved. He might have to uncheck the "hide folders" setting in Windows to see these folders, though.

ScotlandCalling in the chatroom says that an easy way to find the App Data folder is to click start >> run >> type "%APPDATA%" which will open that folder.