Meta Blasts Holiday Football Games with Ads


Episode 1847

Facebook's rebranded META company plastered major holiday football games with ads this week. Leo says the Zuckerberg-run company is seeking to influence regulatory agencies by convincing the public to pass laws favoring their brand of content moderation. Leo adds that what terrifies Facebook isn't the government, but competition. So by getting in on the ground floor of content moderation, they can shape the landscape in their favor. 

Facebook Rebrands as Meta


Episode 1842

Facebook rebranded while Leo was gone, now going by the umbrella name of "Meta." The basic idea is that Facebook is much more than just a social media company, with virtual reality, Instagram, and more. But they didn't check hard enough, discovering another company already has the name. But with a 32-page filing covering hundreds of planned product categories, will Meta get sued? It's likely.