Sprint + T-Mobile Merger Approved


Episode 1612

The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has been approved by the Department of Justice, giving mobile another major carrier to compete against AT&T and Verizon.  The talk is, that T-Mobile is going to work with DISH Network to create a huge new 4th carrier by Dish. Dish will also get Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and several other MVNOs. As a long-time T-Mobile user, Leo doesn't really have a problem with it, especially as we move into 5G speeds.  But it's not in the clear yet, as 13 state attorney generals are suing to stop it.

Judge Approves AT&T/Time Warner Merger, Opening the Floodgates

AT&T Logo

Episode 1498

A federal judge approved the merger of Time Warner and AT&T this week, opening the floodgates for even more large mega corporate mergers. Comcast moved almost instantly to provide a massive bid on 21st Century Fox, outbidding Disney by over 15%, setting off a huge bidding war. Leo says that the judge got it wrong and this represents a serious problem for consumers, even though customers like it because it saves them money in the short run.

Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge, If Approved by FCC

Episode 1090

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile won't be an easy sell to the FCC. They stopped the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile in 2011. If they do approve this, Softbank, which now owns a majority of Sprint, will rebrand the new company as SoftBankUSA with John Ledger as CEO. But while Sprint and T-Mobile aren't doing all that great, he believes that if they can survive individually, they shouldn't merge. Leo likes competition and he doesn't think it'll happen.