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Can I change the font size in my DirecTV box?

TV Remote

Episode 1463

George from Santa Monica, CA

George is visually impaired and DirecTV has changed the font size of their menu interface to the point where he can't read it from his chair. Is there a way to change it back? Leo says that he can customize the program guide, and if he can't change the font size, he could change the screen size for the directory in the menu settings. There's a huge thread at the AT&T Forums that outline a lot of complaints like that.

Why is my clock inaccurate in Windows 10?

Episode 1237

The Old Geek from Brooklyn, NY

'The Old Geek' got Windows 10 updated on his computer and now his clock is off by an hour. The settings are grayed out so he can't change it. How does he reset it? Leo says to click on the clock in the lower right hand side and select date and time settings. Then he should disable the "automatic time zone" option and select "adjust for daylight savings time." Then change the clock and it should fix it. It's annoying that Windows 10 settings are not only in different places, but there's two of them.

How can I get menu settings in OS X Yosemite to save?

Episode 1161

Elizabeth from Irvine, CA

Elizabeth's Mac at work runs OS X Yosemite and with the latest update, she's having issues with how to look at the columns. They're too wide! Leo says that she can adjust and shrink the column sizes, add other columns, and remove others. It's completely customizable. But Elizabeth says that when she closes out the window and goes back in, it reverts back. How can she permanently save the settings? Leo says that sometimes when a company updates an OS, some features fall by the wayside and it sounds like this may be one of them.