How can I stream live video with my iPhone?

Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Microphone

Episode 1294

Dan from Murietta, CA

Dan's daughter is graduating from high school on Friday and he wants to be able to broadcast the graduation ceremonies to family all over the world. How can he do it and have great audio? Leo says that everyone has gotten into live video streaming with Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live. The benefit of Facebook is that they'll even save it to his account so that people can watch it any time.

How can we stream our vow renewal from Rome?


Episode 1257

Dennis from Yorba Linda, CA

Dennis and his wife are traveling to Rome to renew their vows and he wants to stream it live on the internet with their iPad. Leo says it's completely doable, but the sticker is the connection. Cell connections will break them with international roaming. So they'll need Wi-Fi, or they can get a local SIM and use that data. They can use Periscope or Meerkat on a mobile device to stream it. They can also connect a GoPro camera to it. The great thing is that people can send "hearts" and chat online to them directly.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1171

Johnny is still in Austin for South by Southwest, and his first app this week is called Meerkat, the live social video app that launched at SouthBy which Johnny thinks is awesome. It allows you to live stream whatever you're doing and plug it on twitter. Leo says that there have been others that have done this, like Qik, but Meerkat is really easy because people follow you via Twitter and they can comment while you're talking. It's a great way to publicize events. You can even create your own mobile TV network by Meerkating.

Meerkat Streaming App Takes Over SXSW


Episode 1169

Both Twitter and Foursquare became huge after debuting at SXSW in Austin, TX, and this year the popular app is Meerkat for iOS. This app allows you to stream live video instantly, and automatically tweets when you start streaming. Then people can comment on the live stream which also go to Twitter, and you can see everyone that's watching. The app has a "Snapchat" quality to it because the video can't be saved anywhere except the streamer's phone.