Media players

Why am I getting popups to install a media player? (Part 1)

Episode 1063

Ron from Downey, CA

Ron checks out eBooks on his PC and he's now getting popups demanding that he install a Media Player 12.2. Leo says that it may also be a malware installer or adware that's trying to dupe him into installing it. He should just ignore it. Leo says they are so annoying and malicious, it should be considered malware. It's also likely that Ron has a Browser hijacker on his PC. He should go into "add/remove programs" or the "programs/features" control panel and uninstall anything he doesn't recognize. Leo also recommends he stop running his computer as an administrator.

Why is Windows Media Player taking so long to refresh and index my music library?

Media Monkey

Episode 884

Robin from Quebec, Canada

Leo says it's just bad programming on Microsoft's part. Another media player, such as Media Monkey, would probably work better. It's free, and does everything that either iTunes or WMP does, only does it well. It can sync with devices including the iPhone and iPod. It also supports DLNA, which would allow Robin to stream music over his home network to his TV or stereo.