How can I Market my Website?


Episode 1572

Jacob from Birmingham, AL

Jacob runs a website that monitors the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Nobody seems to be paying attention to the issue, so he's got a website for it.
Leo says that marketing is tough. He can create a site, but how does he get people to give it attention? Leo says that Jacob should send a press release to every news station and radio station in the country.

How can I sell a movie I made online?

8 Days Carlo

Episode 1354

James from Santa Monica, CA

How would James go about selling a movie he made online? Leo says promotion has changed over the last few years. "Going viral" is the way things are done these days, but that's actually a good thing. It means that we all have a better chance of being successful with content we create. If it goes viral, then it takes on a life of itself. Taking something to market is a challenge, though. How would he break through the noise?

How can I direct people to my crowdfunding campaign?

Episode 1222

Joe from Gardena, CA

Joe created a site called, where you put your information in about street sweeping or other parking related restrictions. That goes into a database, and then people can get that information when they're looking to park somewhere. He found crowdfunding campaign sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, and he's wondering how he can get people to go to that.

OnePlus Controversial 'Ladies First' Campaign Cancelled

OnePlus One

Episode 1110

The makers of the OnePlus One Android smartphone have cancelled a controversial campaign in which it asked women to submit photos of themselves with the OnePlus One logo on them. The photos were to be judged by staff, and invites would be given to the top 50 women. The invite doesn't even get you a phone, however -- it only allows you to buy a phone at full price.

How should I use social media to market my small business?

Episode 982

Deon from Los Angeles, Ca

Deon has a business with a website, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. He's wondering how to coordinate all of it. Leo says that Deon is doing the right thing by starting with a website. He needs to be where his customers are, though. So, if they're on Facebook, he should be on Facebook. He can use it as a place to post pictures and news. He should also give value to the posts, such as tips and tricks. He may want to also look into using Pinterest, and even possibly Flickr.

How could I get the word out about my Kickstarter campaign?

Episode 981

Martin from Los Angeles, CA

Martin has a Kickstarter campaign and wants to know how to get the word out about it. Leo says that getting it mentioned on a national radio show isn't a bad way to start. Having a website and working with social media is also a good way to go.

Since Mark lives in Hawaii, it may be easier to get locals interested. Artists like Amanda Palmer and Zack Braff have built in communities, fans who are willing to step up and help out. So he'll have to lay the groundwork for a community.

What are the best techniques for email marketing?

Episode 974

Tricia from Brea, CA

Tricia is in charge of researching email marketing and wants to know the best techniques. Leo says that Constant Contact is the biggest and they're very good. Mail Chimp is a good option as well.

Email marketing is a challenge because one man's treasure is another man's spam. So it's important to be very careful. Leo says that having people "double opt-in" is the best policy because it gives users twice the options to ask for newsletter updates.

How can I improve my marketing as a personal trainer?

Episode 954

Deven from Hemitt, CA

Devin is a fitness trainer and wants to improve his marketing presence by doing videos, social media, etc. Leo says that having Facebook accounts are a good idea, but he doesn't own it, so he should always have a separate website. He should also have content that's useful to his clients. Shooting video at expos, posting on youtube, and embedding them to his website is a good idea, too.