Take the time to perform maintenance on your camera gear!

Your camera and lenses can get general wear and tear as you continue to use it over time. During that time as well, new firmware updates get released that can fix specific issues with your equipment as well! Take the time to keep your camera gear maintained. Clean your contact points on your camera and lenses with a QTip & appropriate cleaning solution, check for firmware updates on your camera & lenses, and also clean out your camera bag too to clear away dirt.

It's the small things that can help to prolong your camera gear's lifespan.

Do I need to do routine maintenance on my computer?

Episode 1245

Richard from Los Angeles, CA

Richard just got a new Dell computer and he wants to know how to do routine maintenance. Leo says that running defrags, clearing cookies and temporary files, etc. are really no longer important to do with modern operating systems. In fact, they clear them automatically now. So there's really no need anymore to do routine maintenance.

How can I prevent my computer from slowing down?

HP Stream

Episode 1194

Henry from Los Angeles, CA

Henry uses his laptop to play square dance music. But lately, the music has started to lag. Should he get a new processor? Leo says no. If it was faster before, then the hardware is fine. It's just busy doing other stuff. Hard drives can also get slower as they get more filled. Henry should try restoring it to the way it was the day he bought it, and then update it with all the patches. He should backup his data first, then format the hard drive. Then he can reinstall Windows 7 and install all patches. If the drive is getting flakey, a format should fix that up.

What's the best way to install all programs after reinstalling Windows?

Episode 946

Aaron B from Mesa, Az

Aaron B started off the new year by backing up his data and formatting his hard drive, then reinstalling Windows 7. Leo says a good Spring cleaning is always a great idea. Leo says that Ninite is a great program for deciding which apps to use. He would check which programs he wants to install and it creates it's own installer to put them all on at once. It also has built-in prevention of toolbars.