Why can't I read email text in Apple Mail?

Apple Mail

Episode 1704

Jan from San Diego, CA

Jan is shaving issues with Apple Mail, where the body of his email message disappears. Leo says that there are a few things to try and clear it. Try viewing the source of the mail to see if the actual text is still there as raw text before rendering. One thing you can also try is to right-click the email box and select "rebuild." See if that clears any corruption. It could also be a security setting that is blocking HTML mail from being done. Leo doesn't recommend using HTML rendering anyway. There may be images and javascript in the email you are receiving, and that is a security risk.

How can I get my email on my new iPhone?

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Episode 1149

Laura from Tejunga, CA

Laura upgraded to the new iPhone 6 with Verizon, but she can't get her email to work on the new phone. Leo says one thing she can do is backup the old phone, and then restore it to the new one. That will move the settings over automatically. Laura says she keeps putting in her email password and it rejects it. Leo suspects Laura is just having issues typing her password with the new keyboard and suggests changing her password to an easier to type, but not easy to guess password.

Why won't Internet Explorer remember my password when I login to my email?

Episode 920

Irwin from Pacific Palisades, CA

Leo says that there's a setting in IE under options to allow or disallow it to remember passwords. He'll also want to be sure the site he's logging into allows for remembering username/passwords (which get saved in cookies). Also, if his browser is set to delete cookies when he closes out, that'll log him out as well.