Why can't I upgrade a new MacBook?

Episode 1004

Wes from Outer Banks, NC

Wes has a six year old MacBook pro and he's ready to upgrade. He's concerned that he can't upgrade the newer versions because of how they're manufactured. Leo says that Apple wanted to get more capacity and battery life. To accomplish that, they sealed the laptop around a huge liquid battery that takes up a lot of room. So users can't upgrade them anymore. It may also be that they don't want people to upgrade their computers, they want them to buy new ones.

Could I still get a Mac even though the University wants me to have Windows?

Episode 1003

Nick from Chicago, IL

Leo says that if he prefers Mac and the university wants him to use Windows, he can actually run Windows on his Mac. He can do this either by running Windows virtually, or by using BootCamp in OS X to create a dual boot setup. Leo also recommends checking with the school store to see if they offer a deal on Macs if he buys it there.

What external hard drive should I get for my Mac?

WD MyBook

Episode 999

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay is looking for an external hard drive that will go with a Mac. Leo says any external hard drive will work, so it doesn't matter. Will a portable drive last longer? Leo says no. It'll be a smaller drive, but the only difference will be that it would be powered by USB (bus powered). USB 3 would be ideal. It may be a bit slower, but that's about it. Leo says if it's for a desktop, then get an AC powered hard drive. They're faster and cheaper.

Can I use third party hard drives and RAM to upgrade a Mac Pro?

Episode 986

Jeff from Marino Valley, CA

Jeff would like to upgrade his hard drive and RAM in his Mac Pro, and is wondering if it's okay to use third party hard drives and RAM. Leo says sure, they're essentially PCs, but occasionally one may run into issues with needing dongles or drivers. Leo recommends buying things from, especially RAM.

What does the future hold for Apple computers?

Episode 966

John from Simi Valley, CA

John wonders if Apple is going to stop making computers soon. Leo says that while Apple gets most of it's income from mobile devices and apps that power them, those apps still need to be made on Apple computers. As Steve Jobs once said "somebody still needs to drive the trucks." So Leo thinks that the Apple Mac computer will still exist down the road.

However, Leo is disappointed that Apple seems to be losing their way in the professional world and Hollywood feels abandoned by Final Cut Pro, and many are going back to Avid and Adobe Premiere.

Should I get the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?

Macbook Pro with Retina display

Episode 939

Michelle from California

Leo says to take her time and play with both. The benefit of the MacBook Air is that it's very light weight and compact. It's a tad slower than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro shines because it has the retina display now which makes the image stunningly beautiful. If Michele is going to be doing a lot of traveling, then the Macbook Air would be the way to go.

Should I run Windows in Boot Camp or Virtualization for video editing?

Episode 909

Mike from Louisville, KY

Mike has two iMacs, one from 2009 and 2010. He uses Boot Camp to dual boot with Windows, and he wants to use them for video editing. Would virtualization be better? Leo says no. He'll really need every bit of resources the computer has to edit video, so running Windows in Boot Camp is much better.