How can I turn off hibernation on my Mac?

Episode 1035

Luca from California

Luca's Mac goes to sleep and goes into hibernate mode. Is that normal? Leo says it is and he can't turn off hibernate anymore in OS X. Will it hurt anything? Leo says not at all. It's designed that way. The sleeping computer refreshes the RAM and still checks his mail, syncs to his calendar, etc.

According to the chatroom, he can turn it off with a terminal command. Check out this Apple forum post for more info.

How can I stop my Mac from automatically pairing with a bluetooth device?

Episode 1034

Paul from Lake Forest, CA

Paul has a Bluetooth Speaker adapter, but his Mac tries to pair with it when he doesn't want it to. Leo says the only thing he can do is turn off Bluetooth on the Mac to prevent it from pairing. Leo doesn't know of any way to tell the Mac to not pair with a visible and previously paired Bluetooth device.

How can I stream my pictures to my Apple TV?

Episode 1033

Bernie from Lakewood, CO

Bernie has a bunch of old slides that he transferred to DVD, and then ripped them to his Network Attached Storage, along with image files of discs (ISOs). How can he view them on his network? Leo says that VLC is an amazing video product that will allow him to view it.

What about Apple TV? Leo says no, it can't understand ISOs. But Bernie can use his Mac with Mountain Lion or later to airplay them to Apple TV. He can just open the ISO with a Mac program like Disc Utility and then once it's mounted, he can stream it from the Mac using AirPlay.

Should I switch to an iMac?

Episode 1018

Jackie from New York, NY

Jackie is considering making "the switch" to an iMac. Leo says he prefers the Mac, but there's really not that much difference now between Mac and Windows. It's largely a matter of taste. Buy business grade hardware and it'll last. Not all PCs are business grade - a lot of them are low quality consumer grade computers at low cost.

Why can't I get CDs from my doctor to play on my Mac?

Episode 1007

Jane from San Diego, CA

Jane has a three year old MacBook running Snow Leopard, and CDs she gets from her doctors won't run on it. Leo says that Jane should make sure it's a CD, not a DVD. It may be that her drive doesn't support DVDs, just CDs. Leo says that the program needed was called "Rosetta," and that's an old emulator program designed to run older, proprietary software. Leo says Jane doesn't want to install that because OSX has moved beyond it. Leo recommends asking the doctor to install a program that works with modern Macs.

Why can't I upgrade a new MacBook?

Episode 1004

Wes from Outer Banks, NC

Wes has a six year old MacBook pro and he's ready to upgrade. He's concerned that he can't upgrade the newer versions because of how they're manufactured. Leo says that Apple wanted to get more capacity and battery life. To accomplish that, they sealed the laptop around a huge liquid battery that takes up a lot of room. So users can't upgrade them anymore. It may also be that they don't want people to upgrade their computers, they want them to buy new ones.

Could I still get a Mac even though the University wants me to have Windows?

Episode 1003

Nick from Chicago, IL

Leo says that if he prefers Mac and the university wants him to use Windows, he can actually run Windows on his Mac. He can do this either by running Windows virtually, or by using BootCamp in OS X to create a dual boot setup. Leo also recommends checking with the school store to see if they offer a deal on Macs if he buys it there.