What MacBook Should I Buy for Church Tech?

 Macbook Air

Episode 1829

Gabriel from New Jersey

Gabriel is looking to upgrade his church tech for when it reopens. He's looking to get a new Mac laptop for it and wants the option to stream the service live online. Leo says that a lot of worship software is Windows based, but the Mac can play that tune as well. And the new M1X Macbooks are coming next month. But if he needs one now, the M1 Macs come in three models ... the Mac Mini, the MacBook Pro, and the Macbook Air. Leo got the MacBook Pro for its battery life. It's all day. Leo says that the MacBook Pro would have a fan to keep it cooler, but it's about as thin as the Air.

Why Does My M1 Mac Mini Wake Up With a Snowy Display?

M1 Mac Mini

Episode 1824

Scott from Woodby Island, WA

Scott bought an M1 Mac Mini. Loves it. But when his computer wakes up from sleep mode, the video is "snowy." Leo says there's a Reddit discussion that points to this being a known issue. He suggests checking the HDMI cable. Trying another cable could eliminate the easy fix. Leo likes to get his HDMI cables from MonoPrice. But it may be an issue with the M1 mac's GPU.

Should I Buy an M1 Mac?


Episode 1818

Henry from Prescott Valley, AZ

Henry is thinking about buying a new M1 Mac. Worth it? Leo likes them a lot. Great battery life, low power but high performing. The only question is, will a next-generation M1 chip be coming soon? Leo doesn't think there will be. Maybe an M1+ but not until next year, and even if there is, it won't be THAT much faster. So go for it. The M1 iMac has a gorgeous screen too. The only real negative is a smaller 24" screen. If Henry wants a larger screen, then it would pay to wait until at least September. 

How Can I Connect My Mac to a MIDI Keyboard?

iPad air

Episode 1786

Alex from Northridge, CA

Alex wants to upgrade his Mac and attach it to a MIDI keyboard to make music. He wants to be able to tether it, not rely on a network or wifi connection. Leo says that macOS doesn't support touch, so he'd have to use a simulated mouse. But it's doable. Leo would recommend going with a Thunderbolt connection in order to do it. The chatroom says that there's a Mac Compatible touchscreen Monitor on sale at Amazon.

Where Can I Get a Good Used Mac?

2020 MacBook Air

Episode 1773

Spenser from Charlotte, NC

Spenser has an old white MacBook that he uses to tether to his Nikon cameras and take pictures of his astronomy. There's a solar eclipse coming in 2024, and he wants to know if he can use it even though it's over 10 years old now. Leo says it may be better to see if there's a new version of the software used on a newer Mac. Unfortunately, the old version of the software won't work on modern macs because Apple stopped supporting 32-bit applications. So you'd need a newer version of the software.

Why won't my Mac shut down?

2015 iMac

Episode 1651

Angela from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Angela has a 2015 Mac and when she shuts it down, it turns back on. Leo says it's an incomplete shutdown, with some app hanging it up. A wipe and reinstall of the OS should make it go away. Make sure you backup your data first.

You can launch the activity monitor and it'll show you all the processes that are running.

Can I use Linux on a Mac?


Episode 1636

Mark from Grand Rapids, MI

Mark wants to know if he can check out Linux on his iMac. Leo says in theory, yes. But Leo's experience is that they don't really work hand in hand well. Do some research online to see which version of Linux works best on a Mac. Then put that version on a USB key, then boot the mac holding down the command key. That'll give you a list of drives to access, and then you can run Linux on the USB key to see if it works.