macro photography

What point and shoot camera does good macro shots?

Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera

Episode 1544

Dennis from Rouche, OR

Dennis wants to take some close up photos of diamonds and gems using a point and shoot camera. Can he do that? He can't afford an expensive macro lens. Leo says that point and shoots do macro photography quite well. His first choice would be the Sony RX100 series. It has a 1" sensor, which will give him the best results.

Leo recommends going to for reviews of cameras. They also have a very good video out on Macro Photography.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1212

Today, Chris wants to talk about a DIY approach to photography. How can you make your images better without spending a lot of money? First, understand light. Harsh light is bad for images, so use soft light. You can do this by shooting in the shade. Block the sun with yourself, or a piece of cardboard. Or maybe use what's called a "light tent." If shooting in Macro, use a white plastic cup with the hole cut out of it so you can place the lens into it. This will create a beautify diffused light when shooting extremely close images.