macOS High Sierra

How Do I Get Data Off a Dying Mac Hard Drive?

High Sierra

Episode 1691

Ron from San Marcos, CA

Ron has an old Mac running OSX High Sierra. Now it's taking forever to back up after a recent update. Leo says that the update may have been corrupted and as such, it's searching for a file that it can't read. It may also be that the hard drive is flakey or is about to tie. If he gets another Mac, he can copy the data over from that old hard drive before it completely fails. When he boots it up, he should hold down the "T" key. That will turn it into "target disk mode," and that would enable the ability to connect another computer and copy the data over. But it has to support firewire.

Can I update to macOS High Sierra?

Episode 1512

Barbara from Redbluff, CA

Barbara would like to update to macOS High Sierra, but she thinks that she can't update it because she hasn't updated in a long time. Leo says you can. The way you can do it is to go to the last version your computer can handle directly. If that's macOS High Sierra, then just go to the app store download it and install. If you're getting notifications, then you're golden. It'll take awhile though.

Why can't I use my older programs with macOS High Sierra?

Final Cut Pro X

Episode 1509

Foster from Covina, CA

Foster upgraded to macOS High Sierra and now his Final Cut Pro 7 video editing program won't work. Why is Apple allowed to break people's apps and force them to pay for new versions? Leo says that sometimes when upgrading to a new OS, it has to leave apps behind, especially 32 bit apps. Apple would have done better to warn customers that it could happen. Leo says that most apps can be updated to work again, though, so he should go to his software websites and get the latest version. If it doesn't work after that, then it's been left behind.