Why Can't I Save to LibreOffice in macOS?


Episode 1837

Paul from Santa Monica, CA

Paul recently bought a MacBook Air, but the latest version of LibreOffice doesn't work on it. It won't save. Have they changed the software with the new Mac? Leo says that LibreOffice is a great open-source option to Microsoft Office. However, with the latest M1 Macs, Libre has to use Rosetta until the suite is updated for the M1 platform. But it's likely that there's a permissions issue due to macOS Catalina's new security features. So it may not be able to ask for permission. What Leo suggests is going into the security system preference pane and give Libre full access.

Don't Use Antivirus Programs on Your Mac

If you use a Mac, you do not need an antivirus service like Norton. They burrow deep into your operating system in an effort to protect your device, but they themselves might be vulnerable if not perfectly crafted. There aren't many macOS viruses, and anti-malware updates quickly take care of the few that pop up behind the scenes. Antivirus products will probably slow your computer down, sometimes considerably, in order to operate. In fact, Apple may have even blocked applications that dig so suspiciously deep into their OS.

Why Won’t My Antivirus Work on My Mac?


Episode 1835

Kenny from Cottontown, TN

Kenny has a Mac and is concerned his Norton antivirus software is vulnerable. Leo says he doesn't really need an antivirus app on a Mac. There are so few Mac viruses and their updates are nearly instant when one pops up. So an AVS isn't really helping. It's hindering. In fact, it may be that macOS is blocking it since it doesn't allow invasive apps like Norton to burrow in. So take it off.  


How Do I Move My Data Over to My New Mac?

Episode 1835

Fran from Irvine, CA

Fran wants to know how she can transfer data from her external hard drives from her new Mac. Leo says that there's a migration assistant on the new Mac that will walk her through it.  But depending on how old her Mac is, she may be stuck with a certain version of macOS, but she should be able to migrate the data straight over no matter what version macOS is. Does she have to have Apple do it? Leo says no.

Learn to Code With Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an educational tool for the Mac and iPad. It resembles a videogame and is available for free. The app helps kids (and adults) learn to code, even if they are total newbies. It uses the programming language Swift to create challenges for students to solve in engaging ways. Users start with "Fundamentals of Swift" and eventually move on to complex code for advanced concepts.

Why Can’t I Log Into iCloud With My Mac?


Episode 1834

Edward from San Jose, CA

Edward is having trouble logging into iCloud on his Mac. It just "beachballs" and then returns to the login screen. He can log in using just about every other device he has, but not his Mac. He's using the latest version of BigSur, too. What gives? Leo says you can try signing out and then sign back in again from another device to see if it clears out. You can also try booting into safe mode.

Leo suspects, though, that there's a security app on Edward's Mac blocking the login. Malware Bytes, for instance, will do this.

Why Is It Hard to Read Fonts on My iMac?

iMac 27"

Episode 1820

Chuck from Thousand Oaks, CA

Chuck has a 5-year-old iMac, and the hard drive has crashed. He replaced it, and now he's having issues with the second external monitor. Leo says that the cable adapter may have caused issues. So changing the cable may solve the issue. But it could also be a problem with your system preferences.  Look for "smooth LCD fonts where available." There was also a change in BigSur that may be impacting how your fonts are seen.

Don't Create Multiple Apple IDs for Each New Device

Your Apple ID is an account used to unify your obtained media/apps/content amongst your Apple devices. You do not need to create a new one for each new Apple machine you buy. Ideally, you'll keep one personal Apple ID for life. If you accidentally made a new ID, despite having all of your purchased content on an old ID, just don't use the new one. Log out in System Preferences, then log into your more fully-loaded Apple ID. 

Is There a Hot Sync Feature on the iPhone Like on Palm Pilot?

iPhone 12

Episode 1809

Don from Hillsboro, OR

Don wants to know how he can access data on an old Palm Pilot. Hot sync doesn't work anymore. So he's using the iPhone. He'd like to be able to sync and print his notes and contacts. Leo says that the Palm Pilot hot sync was the best thing so that data will sync onto the computer. It's the killer feature of the Palm. But now that it doesn't work, Google contacts on the iPhone will do something similar. And you can also sync your data using the Mac. Apple notes to the notes app, music to the music app, etc., app by app. There's no one button like the Palm Pilot.

Remove Unwanted Login/Startup Items on a Mac

Apple makes removing startup items a more complicated process than it likely needs to be. But if you have some annoying windows popping up on your Mac when you log on, you may need to look in your (often hidden) Library folders. Launch Agents, Launch Daemons, and StartupItems can cause your device to automatically load items every time. Just be careful to not change System files that keep your Mac running properly. Alternatively, check under System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items tab. You may see apps, files, or folders that open when the associated user logs on.