Macbook Pro

Should I max out the RAM of my MacBook Pro?

Episode 1013

Monroe from Rutherford, NJ

Monroe has a two year old MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM and he's thinking of boosting the RAM on it to avoid beach balling. Leo says that beach balls tend to be an indication of software issues. Leo recommends formatting the hard drive and reinstalling OS X. While he's at it, he should upgrade to Lion. Upgrading to 8GB really isn't worth the performance boost he'll get, which is marginal.

Why am I having problems with my Mac ever since restoring a backup?

Episode 1005

Ron from Brea, CA

Ron has a MacBook Pro that he bought in 2012. Lately he's been getting beach balls and crashes. He took it to the Apple Genius and they reformatted the computer. Leo says that's standard because they can't tell at first if it's software or hardware. Restoring the computer to its native state can eliminate a software issue easily. He restored it from the backup they made and now he's having trouble. Leo says it could be a bad backup.

Why can't I upgrade a new MacBook?

Episode 1004

Wes from Outer Banks, NC

Wes has a six year old MacBook pro and he's ready to upgrade. He's concerned that he can't upgrade the newer versions because of how they're manufactured. Leo says that Apple wanted to get more capacity and battery life. To accomplish that, they sealed the laptop around a huge liquid battery that takes up a lot of room. So users can't upgrade them anymore. It may also be that they don't want people to upgrade their computers, they want them to buy new ones.

Should I wait for a MacBook Air with Retina display?

MacBook Air

Episode 995

Albert from West Covina, CA

Albert is trying to decide between a MacBook Pro with Retina display and a MacBook Air. Leo says that Apple is probably waiting to refresh after they've released OS X Mavericks, which should be in a few months. Leo bought the 13" MacBook Air with the latest Haswell chip, and it's been amazing with the 12 hour battery life. That makes it an excellent selling point for someone like Albert who's out in the field a lot.

Should I get the MacBook Pro with Retina Display or a MacBook Air?

Episode 991

Paul from Daytona Beach, CA

Paul is thinking about getting a MacBook Pro because his eyesight is failing, and he thinks the Retina display may help. Leo says that the MacBook Pro is a great option, but so is the MacBook Air. With the new Haswell processor, it'll last a long time, is light and really fast. Either one will work, but if battery life and weight is an issue, the MacBook Air is the best.