Macbook Pro

Should I get the MacBook Pro with Retina Display or a MacBook Air?

Episode 991

Paul from Daytona Beach, CA

Paul is thinking about getting a MacBook Pro because his eyesight is failing, and he thinks the Retina display may help. Leo says that the MacBook Pro is a great option, but so is the MacBook Air. With the new Haswell processor, it'll last a long time, is light and really fast. Either one will work, but if battery life and weight is an issue, the MacBook Air is the best.

What to Expect From Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) Monday

Episode 986

Tomorrow in Cupertino, Apple's World Wide Development Conference begins. Leo says we'll see a new version of iOS announced and it could be dramatically reimagined by Sir Jony Ive. We'll also probably see a new version of OS X, but we've run out of big cats, so what will it be called?

Leo also says we may be seeing a new MacBook Pro Retina that's super thin, more like a Macbook Air. We could even see a new Mac Pro tower. He rather doubts we'll see an official iPhone/iPad announcement, however. That probably won't come until at least September.

Should I wait for the next MacBook Pro?

Macbook Pro with Retina display

Episode 972

Jim from Lawrenceville, GA

Jim is looking to buy a MacBook with Retina display laptop and wonders if he should wait until the new Haswell chip comes. Leo says that while he normally doesn't recommend waiting, since Jim is traveling, it may be a good idea to wait. Since Jim is looking to get a 13" model, it won't burn battery power as much, but Jim may be waiting awhile. So he should wait as long as he can and then decide. If it's taking too long, then just get it. It'll still run great.