Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1364

This week's gadget is the Biaggi Zip Sack folding luggage. Biaggi says you can pack smarter and fit everything you need for an extended trip in their inventive and spacious ZipSak 31-inch MicroFold Upright. A patent pending Z-fold design allows this sturdy duffle to magically transform from a small pouch into a spacious 31-inch high rolling duffle with plenty of room for all your travel essentials.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1085

Johnny is home for Memorial Day. Leo's going to Hawaii and wants to know if there's a good Luau to look into. Johnny says he's only been to the touristy ones and he's not impressed. A few deals - Priceline had a mistake this year and offering $130 trips to Asia via Europe through New York. Tickets to Turkey, Beijing, and since they're only one way, you'd have to pay full fare to come home. But a great deal. And Johnny says it's not required to honor the mistake, but they almost always do because it's a PR nightmare. Johnny will Tweet it after the show, so stay tuned.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1011

Johnny Jet heard the previous call about tracking your kids. He says that there's the Trakdot, which you use to track your luggage, but there's also a new device called the Tile, which is supposed to affix to anything and can be tracked with an app. It uses Wi-Fi. It's not available yet, though. The chatroom says it has a battery that isn't replaceable and you have to send it back to get it replaced.

Johnny Jet

Episode 961

Johnny has been getting questions about whether to check bags. Johnny doesn't check bags, he says it's a waste of time. Johnny says that airlines have gotten really strict about carry on sizes. They measure everything. What he does is carry two different things.