How can I connect my Nexus 7 tablet to LTE?

Episode 1021

Frank from Vancouver, WA

Frank's wife has a Google Nexus 7 and wants to sign up for LTE. Leo says that Verizon is required by law to have an open network and allow sign ups. Verizon claims they're "testing" it before they sign up. Leo says that's nonsense and they're deliberately dragging their feet. Leo says it's a great option and it's unlocked so she can use it anywhere. It comes with an AT&T SIM as well. So go with AT&T if the coverage is good.

Frank also wants to transfer his contacts into the cloud. Leo says exporting data to a CSV file and then uploading that to Google will work.

What's the best pure Google Android phone?

Episode 1009

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian got the Google Nexus 4 pure Android smartphone, and he's ready for a new phone. Leo says that the HTC One is a better option, but it doesn't have removable batteries. He can tweak it for better battery life, though. The Samsung Galaxy SIV has removable batteries, but Leo's not much of a fan of the additional junk Samsung put on it, and the terrible camera.

Why does my Android phone keep dropping 4G?

Motorola Razr

Episode 989

Matt from Indiana

Matt is a truck driver and he recently bought the Motorola Razr. He's been having a problem with his signal going from "blue to white". When it's blue, he says, he can do everything, and white means he can only make phone calls. Matt says he'll notice that it says "4G" in blue, but when he tries to use it, it turns white, and he can't use data. He's been to Verizon several times and nothing has worked to fix it. He's even tried rooting it.

What's the best cellphone carrier?

Episode 969

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike wants to talk about carriers. He has a great plan but it's pre-data. So he's looking to get a new smarpthone and knows his old plan will be replaced. It seems a good time to consider other carriers. He has the choice of Verizon and AT&T. He could go to Straight Talk via Walmart. Leo says it's a pretty good deal, but it's just reselling service (called an MVNO). He would get his choice of either, so Leo says to choose the one that works best.

How can I boost the 4G signal I'm receiving for live video streaming?

Episode 960

JR from Rancho Cucamonga

Jay is trying to do some live video streaming with a limited signal 4G using the Livestream Broadcaster, and is wondering if a signal amplifier would help. Leo says not really. He needs high speed signal in the area. Leo used to use the Live U backpack that used 8 different cards to bond together and get a better signal by marrying multiple signals, but it wasn't cheap.