Should I have antivirus software for my tablet?


Episode 1166

Ray from Van Nuys, CA

Ray is concerned with security on his tablet, and is wondering if he should have antivirus for it. Leo says that mobile devices are designed in an era where malware is a serious threat, so these newer operating systems are inherently safer because they tend to be sandboxed. If he still wants some added protection, LookOut is a very good antivirus app. That being said, Leo doesn't use an antivirus program.

How can I secure my Android tablet?

Episode 1059

John from Orange County, CA

John is going digital in his company, and he's bought several old Motorola Zoom tablets for his employees. He wants to know what security software he can install. Leo says first thing is to update the Android software to the current OS, Kit Kat. He can also set his password and PIN to only allow 10 tries. He can also install Lookout to remote wipe it should it get lost or stolen.

What free antivirus should I use on my Android phone?


Episode 1000

Ray from Los Angeles, CA

Ray uses AVG on his Windows computer, and is wondering if he should get AVG on his Android phone as well. Leo uses Lookout, which offers extra features such as the ability to remote wipe the phone, or to track the phone's location. Since AVG has this also, they probably are pretty similar in what the programs offer.

The question is really, is an app like this needed? There are malware programs on Android, but smartphones in general are less susceptible to attack. This is especially true on iPhone.

Is there an Android alternative to Find My iPhone?


Episode 990

Dave from Redondo Beach, CA

Dave wants to find an Android alternative for the "Find My iPhone" app. Leo says that LookOut is a good option. It scans all downloads to make sure they aren't problematic, but it'll also tell him where his phone is. He can even remote wipe the phone if he needs to.

Lookout also has a feature called "Signal Flare," which saves the last known location to LookOut's cloud servers should the battery die or signal stop.

If he has a Galaxy SIII or above, his OS has this capability natively.